Sexuality and Gender Diversity (Clayton)

The Monash Student Association (MSA) Queer Department is a student-run organisation that represents and provides support to all Monash University students and staff who may identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, genderqueer or any of the other identities including those who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identities. We organise regular social events, activist campaigns, educational workshops and creative projects on-campus as well as connect people with activities off-campus. An integral component of the Queer Department is the Queer Lounge on the first floor of the Clayton Campus Centre, which exists as an autonomous safer space for all queer-identified students and staff at Monash to relax, chat, make friends, study, hold meetings/discussions, and generally feel free to be themselves.

We also provide assistance in finding queer-friendly services (such as doctors, counsellors, etc.) and advise on matters relating to relocation, Centrelink, and application for academic special consideration. Additionally, we welcome the involvement and support of friends and allies of queer-identified people and regularly host events open to all.

Respecting the privacy of those within the department is important to us, and as such a policy exists within the collective outlining the importance of the preservation of our members’ confidentiality.  
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