Healthy lifestyle

You are at Uni for a reason (study…), and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help when it comes to doing well in your course. If cooking sounds like a daunting experience, why not start a cooking group with a couple of friends. This way you will not be cooking every night and you will be able to experience the joy of eating food prepared by your friends.

It is also important to do regular exercise to keep fit, so why not check out the Monash Sport’s page or check out the team Monash sporting events.

Staying healthy isn’t just about eating the right foods. Living in residential accommodation can easily spread sickness as you may be sharing areas with hundreds of people. It is important that if you have an illness that you go and see a doctor. If you are not feeling well it is always best to head to the campus health services, or seek alternate medical advice. This early detection will minimise the potential of an illness spreading. Check out the Monash Health Services for contact details for you campus.

There are a couple of other areas of health that we need talk about;

  1. Alcohol
  2. [illegal] Drugs
MRS has very strict policies around alcohol and other drugs. These policies are designed to maximise the living experience of all residents, and also to minimise the risk to those who want to enjoy alcohol. Visit Alcohol and Drugs to find out more.