Monash University is a great place to study, and a great place to live and€“ in order thrive at Uni though, you need to keep on top of a whole lot of things! Maintaining study, a healthy mind and healthy body and not forgetting the main reason you are here: to get your Monash degree!


It can be easy to forget the main reason you are having so much fun living in Res is because you are here to study (especially during Orientation)€“ so here in the words of one of our residents, Wilson “ “Studying at University is different from school, and studying in a new country is even more different. It’€™s important that you get an top of your studies early and€“ go to your classes (obvious I know ); ask questions; find friends who are studying the same course; keep going to classes (even more obvious); and don’€™t  let it get ‘out of control.’  Visit Study to learn more.

Remember planning requires knowing when things are going to happen so here are the semester dates for the academic year

Healthy Lifestyle

So you have moved out of home and it’€™s time to fend for yourself. Initially it is hard to comprehend how you are going to survive – not only do you have to wash all your own clothes and make your own bed, but you also have to cook for yourself as well. Sometimes it’€™s easy to start bad habits like eating take away food too often. However it is really important to keep eating healthily. We have lots more info at Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Mind

Moving to university can be a big deal – it can be an emotional rollercoaster. Whilst many people experience the best times of their lives at University, for others it can be a really challenging time – wanting independence, trying to fit in, new relationships, working things out with family and friends, and just coping with the day-to-day highs and lows.

There are some great resources online to help you keep a healthy frame of mind – Check out the Monash Counselling and coping skills resource.

MRS is committed to fostering an environment of strong mental health through resilience, support and education programs and€“ every staff member and RA at MRS is trained in Mental Health First Aid, and we actively promote the importance of mental health to all our residents. To find out more visit Healthy Mind.

Sexuality and Gender Diversity

e2369a2d-4a45-4527-a9b0-56e143c4f5e1Lets hear from Freddie and Elle: ““Starting university is a very exciting and at times daunting part of your life. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in different kinds of clubs and societies, as well as forging a career path. The Monash Student Association (MSA) Queer Department  is a student run organisation that represents and provides support to all Monash University students and staff who may identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, genderqueer or any of the many other identities, also including those who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. The department is there for anyone queer-identifying or questioning and around the queer lounge you’€™ll always find a bunch of students with different interests, majors, degrees and hobbies that like to support each other, strive for equality and enjoy having fun.”

Further information on Sexuality and Gender Diversity, or the Sexuality and Lifestyle Officers at Caulfield, click the links.
A number of MRS staff are also proud members of the Monash University Ally Program (a support network for LGBTI members of our community) – you can check out the Ally program here

A former resident at MRS has also helped produce a fantastic video as part of the ‘it gets better‘ initiative – helping young people who have faced discrimination because of their sexual identity. which you can watch below:

Support Services at Monash

Monash University is a fantastic place to study and also a fantastic community to be part of. If you maybe haven’t yet thought about the brilliant services which are available to students, here are some starting points: Monash also has a website dedicated to helping you Adjust to University Life as well as this page with links to all the Student Life and Support Services

Getting Involved and Helping Others

AIME Mentors 4 LifeOnce you are feeling more settled, why not take some time for your own growth – and also to help others! MRS supports the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) – so find out more here.
There are also many other areas for you to get involved: