Before moving in

Moving out of home to travel to university can be a big transition. For many residents this is the first time away from home, in a new city, in a new state, or even in a new country. There are some things that can make this better €“like…
In the words of one o
f our residents, Leo €œOne of the things I like the most about Res is the diversity of people who live here. We have residents from all over the world and Australia – and it is important that we respect each other no matter what our personal experiences, background, religious or sexual orientation. We live together in a community and that means that we all make accommodations for each other. It’€™s also great to discover that even with all the differences, we are all the same. I have friends from all over the world now and“ it’€™s so much more interesting when you get excited by the differences between us rather wanting everything (and everyone) to be the same.€ Find out more…    

Living in a new city

When living in a new city you may experience cultural adjustment. This adjustment is the anxiety felt when faced with living in a different place from where you grew up. Living in a new culture may cause you to become stressed. This shock may be caused because you are having trouble understanding the language or people€˜s accents. The climate and food may also be unfamiliar (even if you come from elsewhere in Australia). We understand this, and if you want, you can find out more information at Monash’s Life In Melbourne page (which is aimed at you – a person new to Melbourne).

Preparing to move to a new city

Before you even come to Monash in Australia, international students can visit Monash University’s Preparing to Arrive site – designed with you in mind (assuming you are an international student, coming to Monash University to study)

What to bring with you

Please note that your room is carpeted, heated and furnished with bed, desk, VOIP telephone (except Caulfield), chair, bookshelves and built-in wardrobe. You should bring your own linens (including sheets, towels, blankets, doona, doona cover, pillow and pillow case) and, if you wish, the following as extras: rug or blanket, desk lamp, any cups, glasses, etc. that you may need for supper or snacks. Irons are provided, as well as extensive facilities for self-catering, including toasters and kettles or electric jugs.
Kitchen equipment and linen packs are available for pre-purchase at the Monash Residential Services Online Store. Items pre-purchased will be available for pick up on arrival.
You also have the option to purchase kitchen equipment and/or linen packs after your arrival by visiting the Halls Convenience Store (Clayton only). The Halls Convenience Store stocks a range of food and personal items for residents, and is open from 11am until 7.30pm.

Your campus

MRS provides on-campus accommodation at all of our Australian campuses except Parkville. For more information about your campus, click here where you can get more detail on the Residence(s) at each site. You can also take a virtual tour of each residence 

Did you know that Monash University has an ‘app’?

screen568x568 Monash has developed an app which is a great tool for all students who have a smart phone (which, lets be honest is almost everyone!) – The app has great information including
  • maps
  • Information for students (including timetable information, principle dates, staff directory, unit guide etc)
  • A link to the library-online
  • News
  • Shuttle bus timetable

Download it here (iTunes), or here (google play)

Want to hear what some of our residents (and their parents) have to say about living in Briggs and Jackomos Halls? – watch the video below: